Londoners find the plot: The Big Book Game London update

For the first time ever a novel comes to life in the most unusual way: real Londoners become book characters and live through the story, hunting for clues across London this week.

The Big Book Game is based on the rules and storyline of The Game, international thriller by A.K. Shevchenko (Headline, 2013), which was launched on 9 May 2013 at a sold out event at Waterstones Piccadilly: four friends receive the letters, asking them to travel to Waterloo by tube, train and taxi to meet under the clock and replay the game they played as teenagers. Only the stakes are much higher now and the Game takes them across the world, changing their lives and the lives of millions.

Just like in the novel, the first stage of the Game is now played around London’s three T’s – tube, trains and taxis and at various London locations. City commuters, mums, pensioners, cab and bus drivers, bar managers and market traders are all taking part. Copies of the Game and the clues are left in the tube and on the trains, on the back seats of black cabs, in restaurants and cafes. You can find them if you have a drink at the Book Club at Shoreditch or the Sterling at the Gherkin, buy food at the organic market, listen to jazz at Archduke, have a coffee at Benugo, travel on the Jubilee line or take a cab across London.

On 27 July 2013 at 17.30 the Game will reach Waterloo: a 100 signed and numbered books with envelopes, containing further clues and tasks will be make their journey to three cities across the world and back to Waterloo by 15 September 2013, following the journeys of the characters in the novel.

Watch Londoners getting involved across the capital at and follow the Game’s journey at @thegamenovel and

The rules of the Big Game can be found at the website:

For further information and media enquiries please email or call 020 7182 4902.

About The Game

A.K.Shevchenko is a renowned international linguist and author. She speaks eight languages, worked and lived in over 30 countries and published numerous articles and four books: two novels and two cultural guides.

The first novel by A.K.Shevchenko, ‘Bequest’, was in the Independent’s ‘50 best summer reads’ 2010 and WH Smith Travel chart 2011, and shortlisted for the Reader’s prize and ‘Bouchon de Cultures’ prize at the European literature salon 2012 in France. It was translated into several languages, from French and German to Mandarin and Ukrainian.

The ‘Game’ has been by now published in the UK, Australia, Canada, India and New Zealand. It is coming out in France in October and several other countries next year.

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